Artisan-World Mexican glass comes in a huge variety of colors and styles, from iced tea pitchers and glasses to various sized drinking glasses, beer, wine and our classic martini and margarita glasses.

Mexico has a long history of great arts & craftmaking, handmade ceramics, weaving, metal and wood working as well as glass blowing are among many.

Early Mexican glassware was produced in the historic city of Puebla in the 1540s.

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Mexican glassware selection

Recycle at OrionThe technique of making this unique glass is done by blowing through a pipe onto amolten glass mass. As the glassmaker blows he begins to mold the piece by continuously turning it around with the pipe. As the piece begins to cool it's shaped as required while color is added to bring to life beautiful individual effects.
Many designs, such as small bubbles, splatters, colored swirls, confetti or pebble patterns can be produced.