Made of mouth-blown glass that is infused with vibrant colors and patterns. Glass blowers use lead-free, recycled glass, blowing the glass into into an array of styles and sizes. No two pieces are ever exactly alike in size or shape, which adds to their charm.

Artisan-World Mexican glass comes in a huge variety of colors and styles, from iced tea pitchers and glasses to various sized drinking glasses, beer, wine and our classic martini and margarita glasses.


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 Pitchers & Carafes


handmade Mexican  pitchers & carafes

Sangria pitchers

Pitcher Sets, Sangria, Juice, Iced Tea, Cocktails, Check them out!

 Pitchers & Carafes from Mexico

Handmade Mexican glass pitchers from $25.00. CLICK here

As every glass is individually blown and shaped slight variations in size and colors are normal. The process also creates occasional small trapped bubbles. In short — no two glasses are exactly alike — which of course is part of the beauty and charm of Artisan–World glass.

• A cooling-off period is essential after the glassware is removed from the dishwasher. Extreme temperature changes may cause thermal shock.

•This glassware is not suitable for serving hot beverages