good beer is so much better in a traditional beer glass

Choose from one pint or 14oz lager glasses, or 20oz Ale Goblets in handmade Mexican beer glasses.

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Glass blowers use lead-free, recycled glass, blowing the glass into an array of styles and sizes. No two pieces are ever exactly alike in size or shape, which adds to their charm.

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Miguel Pilsner
7 1/2" / 16 oz. Cobalt or Amber
Set of 4, $44.00
Set of 6, $66.00
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Cantina Glass
7" / 16 oz. Cobalt
Set of 4, $30.00
Set of 6, $45.00
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Gran Beer Pilsner
8 1/2" / 14 oz. Natural
Set of 4, $48.00
Set of 6, $72.00
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As every glass is individually blown and shaped slight variations in size and colors
are normal. The process also creates occasional small trapped bubbles. In short — no two glasses are exactly alike — which of course is part of the beauty and charm of Artisan–World glass.